Today has concluded in Mogadishu a large-meeting which was going on over the past three days which was attended by senior officials of the judiciary like.

  1. Minister of Justice Dr.Hassan Hussein Haji
  2. Chairman of the Supreme Court Ibrahim Edle Sulaiman
  3. Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir
  4. Deputy minister of Constitution Hussein Abdi Elmi
  5. Chief of custodial Corps General  Hussein Hassan Osman

It was also attended by members of Justice Officials of the Somali Regional State and the Association of Somali Lawyers,   during that conference two key issues were discussed

  1. The plan for the next three years of the judiciary institutions
  2. The Somali justice model in the future ( Justice Model)

During the meeting the members of the conference participated in the debate on how the Somali Judicial Reform would be realized in the future and acknowledged many needs of the Somali Judiciary.