Mogadishu, May 16, 2019

Press Release on Resurgence of Charcoal Production and The Export off the Coast of Somalia

  • The production of charcoal has a negative impact on Somalia’s environment and is a major source of funding terrorism.
  • The production and the export of charcoal is a punishable crime under the Somali Penal Code, and the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution S/RES/2036 (2012) imposed a ban on the direct or indirect import of charcoal from Somalia, whether or not such charcoal originated in Somalia.
  • The Attorney General has been investigating such a heinous crime and in collaboration with INTERPOL is an advanced stage in making high profile arrests on the matter.
  • Despite this, there are credible information that there is resurgence of charcoal production and the export off the coast of Somalia.
  • The Attorney General Office warns Somali businessmen living in Somalia or abroad that are engaged in this illegal activity to cease such activity or face criminal charges as per the Somali Penal Code.
  • The Attorney General is collaborating with Somali Police Force, Jubaland Police, and CFT in containing this.
  • The Office of the Attorney General warns that any vessel loaded with charcoal may be confiscated in accordance with Somali laws.