Biography of the Attorney General

The Honourable Mr. Sulayman Mohamed Mohamud is the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Somalia. His Honor, Mr. Mohamud, has extensive and rich legal experience both in the public sector and private organizations, including Local Organizations, Intergovernmental/International Organizations and different UN agencies.

Prior to his appointment as the Attorney General, he served as a judge of the Supreme Court of Somalia. He was a former dean of the Faculty of Law at the Puntland State University (PSU) Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia where he taught many subjects, including, among others, Criminal Law, Maritime Law, Constitutional Law and Commercial and Property Laws.  He has also researched and published in the areas of Constitutional Law, Banking and Commercial Laws.

His Honor was also a former director of PSU Legal Aid Clinic. While in this role, he worked to increase public legal awareness and promoted justice education. He regularly spoke at public legal information sessions and in community discussion forums. He also devoted considerable time to pro bono advocacy work on behalf of individuals and community groups.

He acted as a counsel in high profile cases and held senior legal advisor positions at various institutions such the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

His Honor, Mr. Mohamud practised law both in Somalia and in Pakistan which gives him a unique legal experience of practising in different jurisdictions.

His Honour, Mr. Mohamud fluently speaks Somali, Arabic, English and Urdu/Hindi.


B.Ed., B.A, LL.B (Hon) and LL.M